(Italiano) Primavera a Venezia

Primavera a VeneziaSpring is the season of awakening from the dark days and cold winter, when the gardens come into their full glory and the city wakes up: the streets are full of Venetians and tourists encouraged to get out by the first sunny days, the voices of children playing in the street resounds in the “campi”, little squares of bars and restaurants are filled with tables where you can enjoy a drink or dinner outside ….

In this period you can enjoy the public parks of the city or in the mainland. You can also visit the numerous private gardens that decorate homes and villas in the lagoon, that we really recommend you to visit. Do not forget also the Venetian Villas on the mainland, which were once the summer residences of the wealthiest families of Venice.

On the first warm days it’s worth going to the beaches of our area, the Lido or Cavallino Treporti, strolling along the dock and watch the beautiful sunsets over the sea.

In May, an impressive sporting event awaits you in Cavallino-Treporti: The NightMarathon.

Every four years take place the Palio of the Maritime Republics, an annual competition played between the four Maritime Republics, Amalfi, Genoa,Pisa and Venice, which in turn organize the event, to celebrate the glories and evoke the adventures of the four republics whose fleets dominated the Mediterranean during the Middle Ages.

Let’s not forget the antique and collectors markets starting in March and continue until December where it is always easy to find excellent opportunities to buy gifts for their loved ones.

The program of the spring events is very rich:

The “Su e Zo per i Ponti” , a non-competitive marathon, is the first event of the season, set for the second Sunday in March. On the April 25th there’s the Feast of St. Mark, patron of the city, characterized by a gondola race in the basin of San Marco. On this day Venetian men give to their wives or love a red rose, the bocolo.

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