Yacht Charter Service

Our Touristic agency, Globo Events, offer a distinguished yacht charter service provided by immaculate Fourwins 318 Vista owned and ruled by the agency itself. Th 32 feet yacht offer all confort guaranteed by U.S. project and desing: full equipped kitchen, double fridge, ice machine, sunbathing, openair dining area (coverable) cosily suitable for 6 people.

Our boat is a perfect alternative way to explore Venetian lagoon, for a business meeting or a business lunch wich, besides amaze your guests, guarantees the best privacy level available (multiple food solution available, from cold fingerfood to cook on board, all provided by reilable catering company); It could be the right solution for a full day long transfer to reach most renowned Adriatic sea coastal resort (Italian or foreign).
Do not hesitate to contact ud for detailed information, pricelist and to let us offer a bespoke service based on Your wish and Your needs

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